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Discipleship Training

The primary purpose of Discipleship Training classes is to help Christians grow in our walk with the Lord: to read the Bible more, to pray regularly, to be bold in our witness, to encourage one another in that journey, to fellowship together.


Typically three classes are open at various times throughout the year: Book Club, Wednesday Women, and Wednesday Men. To join these classes, you must sign up during the specified time period in order to have a book ordered for you. When we know how many to plan for, books are purchased in advance and rooms are assigned to accommodate the specific numbers in each group.

Discipleship Training classes will start up again on Wednesday nights beginning on March 15th!!!
Sign Up Sheets will be posted Sunday, February 19, 2023

Title: A Prayer Changes Everything
Synopsis: This class will study prayers that Biblical folks prayed in the midst of crisis situations in their lives. Not surprisingly, their lives are no different from ours. The purpose of this study is to show God’s interest in the lives of His people, to remind us God listens when we pray, and to confirm that God answers our prayers. People who complete this class will understand that God’s people can rely on Him to care about them and ought to seek His help first in troubling times. The praying people which we be studying will be Jabez, Nehemiah, Hanna, Jehoshaphat, Joshua, Jonah, and a nation!

Text: The Bible

Teacher: Marsha Grandstaff

Title: The Book of Ephesians; The Church, Christ’s Body
Synopsis: This class will study one of the most prominent early churches we find in the entire New Testament. The church at Ephesus was founded by the apostle Paul, taught by Paul both in person as well as from imprisonment in Rome. Paul speaks to believer’s everywhere concerning the unity of the body of Christ, the believer’s standing in grace, the walk and service of the believer, and the walk and warfare of the Spirit- filled believer. As with most of Paul’s writings, we receive both doctrine and practical advice on living out the life we have been called to as a believer!
Text: The Bible

Teacher: David Collins

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