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Sunday School

At Ebenezer, there is a class for every age group, from bed babies to Senior Adults age 65+. Sunday School starts at 9:30AM every Sunday Morning.

And just as every person can find a class to attend, every person, whether young or old, will be studying the Bible in a small group setting where discussion and questions are encouraged.  Knowing what God’s Word says and applying it daily strengthens Christians and encourages us in our daily lives. Please join us!

Visit our Youth page to read more about our opportunities for middle and high schoolers!

Visit our Senior Adults page to read more about our opportunities for our beloved Seniors!

Sunday School

0 - 1 year - Bed Babies

1 & 2 years old

3 & 4 years old


1st and 2nd Grade

3rd - 5th Grade

6th - 8th - Middle School Youth

9 th - 12th - High School Youth

Young Adult - College and career

Adult 2 Men/Women  (ages 34 & under)

Adult 3 Men/Women  (ages 35-50)

Adult 5 Men/Women  (ages 51 & over)

Adult 6 Men/Women  (ages 55 & over)

Adult 7 Senior Ladies  (Women) (ages 55 + older)

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